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Dawn Wing Rhino contributions

Dawn Wing contributing to the war against rhino poaching in South Africa (October 2013)


DPD Laser’s company Dawn Wing is contributing to field research that is at the frontline of efforts to curb the numbers of rhino’s being poached (618 of the iconic animals killed since the beginning of the year), as well as being one of the supporting sponsors of the Rhinose Day initiative. Read more…

Dawn Wing is setting an example as to how the support of big national companies can make a huge difference to campaigns such as these. Dawn Wing organised a VIP customers’ trip out on June 7 to have a “Rhino experience” in the Pilansberg National Park. By participating in a Rhino immobilisation, the group to be involved in a once in a lifetime event, which includes the insertion of microchips in the horns as well as the notching of the ears and DNA collection. The notching of their ears and DNA collection assists with this identification with regards to any poaching activities as well the conservation thereof through breeding programmes. Footing the bill for veterinary professionals, helicopters and pilots, researchers and field experts, Dawn Wing’s contribution to the plight of South Africa’s rhino’s is a substantial one.


Eddie Vosloo, CEO of Dawn Wing underlines the company’s action saying, “Dawn Wing is proud to be a partner to the Pilansberg Wildlife Trust and contributing to these very necessary activities. By participating, we get to experience a once in a lifetime event but also contribute to conservation and the furthered protection of these amazing creatures. We challenge companies to become involved and contribute to rhino conservation awareness, because it should be everyone’s business.”

Their primary project has seen Dawn Wing’s groundbreaking field research inserting chips into the horns of rhino’s, and taking their DNA samples, in the Pilansberg. The genetic integrity of the species is of utmost importance and to monitor this, Rhino’s need to be identified individually.

Steve Dell, a Field Ecologist from Pilanesberg National Park, said that “funds for rhino monitoring programmes, which is now linked to the DNA collection project, are very limited. Corporate sponsorships are the only way that we can continue with the notching programme for rhino monitoring. By involving themselves with these projects, the businesses and companies can really “feel” what a despicable crime rhino poaching is, as the loss of each and every rhino is a threat to our natural heritage. We would love to see other corporates get involved in the fight against rhino poaching in the same way that Dawn Wing has”.

By purchasing a stylized plastic Rhinose™ that can be mounted with cable ties onto the front of almost any car, funds will be channeled towards three non-profit conservation organisations, namely the Rhino Action Group Effort (RAGE), the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the Rhinose Foundation. Visit for more information and to stay updated on the fight against rhino poaching.

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