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Latest BBBEE accreditation

We are proud to announce that we are now a level 4 BBBEE certified value adding supplier. Click here to download the certificate.

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67 Minutes

Dawn Wing - 67 minutes

As their contribution to the Mandela Day legacy, members of our Dawn Wing head office visited the SPCA to spend time with some furry friends and donate some much needed food.

The manageress of the branch, Melissa Bailey, had the following feedback:- 

On behalf of the Kempton Park S.P.C.A we would hereby like to sincerely thank you for your recent generous donation. The number of animals that we take into our care is ever increasing and it is because of people like you that we are able to continue with our work to protect and care for those who cannot speak for themselves. As you know this is an ongoing exercise and your kind donation will certainly go some way to assist us with this tasks.

Your donation will be put to good use and your kindness is gratefully appreciated.

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DAWN WING Rhino Conservation

Dawn Wing contributing to the war against rhino poaching in South Africa (October 2013)


Dawn Wing is contributing to field research that is at the frontline of efforts to curb the numbers of rhino’s being poached (over 618 of the iconic animals killed since the beginning of the year), as well as being one of the supporting sponsors of the… Read more

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Logistics Achiever Award Winners 2013


A Silver Logistics Achiever Award  has been presented to Dawn Wing and Dimension Data at the 2013 awards ceremony.  This was awarded for outstanding achievement in logistics in improving a demand-driven maintenance supply chain through implementation of appropriate systems and effective collaboration.

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GeoPost drives on with ‘ground express’ strategy

By: Paul-Marie Chavanne 

La Poste’s international parcels division GeoPost is again growing well this year and will continue to expand as a ‘ground express specialist’ in Europe and overseas, targeting B2C deliveries for growth, according to top executives.

GeoPost is continuing to grow “considerably” and is expanding beyond Europe to Asia, Africa, Latin America “and perhaps even one day to North America”, the French postal group’s CEO Philippe Wahl told international journalists on a trip to the DPD UK hub at Hinckley in central England last week.

Tasked with expanding La Poste’s international parcel activities, GeoPost, which now trades under the DPDgroup brand, will particularly focus on developing services in response to e-commerce, Wahl said. “Innovations will speed up in the years to come.” In particular, the British business DPD UK has a key role to play in developing innovative B2C services for the group, he commented.

Outlining the strategy, GeoPost president Paul-Marie Chavanne explained that the parcels division defines itself as “the ground express specialist in Europe and worldwide” and wants to be one of the key players in the overall global $300 billion express delivery market.

In 2015, GeoPost increased revenues by 15% to €5,675 million and volumes by 10.9% to 941 million parcels. B2C parcels increased by 21% and now represent 30% of total volumes. “This year the strong growth trends are continuing, with double-digit growth,” Chavanne commented.

In Europe, the French group is number two in the overall €46 billion (air) express, deferred (ground) and postal parcels market through DPDgroup and separate French B2C unit Colissimo, with turnover of €6.7 billion and a 15.7% market share in 2014, he said.

Deferred parcels account for 50% of this European market by value, ahead of express with 27% and postal parcels with 23%, according to the group’s figures. Deferred parcels account for 61% of volumes compared to 22% for postal parcels and 17% for air express.

Excluding postal parcels, DPDgroup claims to head the European express and deferred parcels market with turnover of €5.1 billion and a 16.7% market share.

Commenting on competitors, Chavanne described the integrators (DHL, FedEx-TNT, UPS) as “the kings of air express” with a combined 90% share of the international express market. In the European ground parcel market, Deutsche DHL is “powerful” in its home German market but has “very few positions” across the rest of the continent, UPS and Royal Mail-owned GLS have “average” coverage, while FedEx is now “entering the market” by acquiring TNT, he said.

Driven by e-commerce, B2C will remain the key market growth driver for the foreseeable future and will force parcel companies to make deep changes, according to Chavanne. B2C grew by 9.5% to represent 23% of the European express/deferred parcels market by value in 2014, and 31% of volumes, while B2B grew only 2.8% in value terms, GeoPost figures showed.

“B2C is not just e-commerce growth with additional customers. It’s a paradigm change. The last mile is becoming the most important aspect with delivery to private customers. You have to adopt the view of the end-customer who wants service solutions.”

For GeoPost, this means transforming from a transport company into a service company, where “innovation and operational excellence are the decisive factors for success”.

Explaining GeoPost’s operational approach, Chavanne highlighted the single hybrid B2B/B2C network, the ‘multi-domestic’ own businesses in Europe and various other countries such as Russia and South Africa as well as various partnerships, including BRT in Italy, PostNord in the Nordics, Yurtici Kargo in Turkey, DTDC in India and Aramex in the Middle East.

Looking ahead, the GeoPost chief added: “We are working on Asia and are looking at South America.”

Source: GeoPost, CEP-Research

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Global Alerts – Exchange rates

Exchange rates for this morning Wed 12 August  2015

Rand V Dollar  :R12.86

Rand V Euro    :R14.23

Rand V Pound :R20.02

For further exchange rate information, please click here



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News from around the world affecting service delays

World news (that could affect international service levels):

Botswana, Border delays   Customs  – On-going

Botswana customs have embarked on a strike and a long term “ go slow”

The border posts are backing up and this strike is estimated to last up to 21 days.

China Economy     China’s Central Bank has again cut the guiding rate for the national currency, the yuan, a day after Tuesday’s record 1.9% devaluation

USA, Ferguson Civil disturbance   A state of emergency was declared, as officers in riot gear forced people off the streets on Monday night.

Taiwan, Taipei Weather delaysHeavy rainfall accompanied with thunderstorms and hail hit Taiwan, causing massive flooding. Delivery delays expected.































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Worldwide Public Holidays

Worldwide Public Holidays






Central African Republic  Tunisia 






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International Currency Surcharge

Please note:

As from December 2014, the international currency surcharge will be assessed on a monthly basis.  The current surcharge will be printed on all customer statements.

Currency surcharge for December 2014: 9.40%

Please feel free to contact our International Department should you have any queries in this regard.



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Lesotho – Urgent Notice

Urgent Notice for Lesotho Please be aware that the Maseru border was closed yesterday by the Lesotho Taxi Association in retaliation to events that have taken place between them and the South African Taxi Association.  As a result no vehicles are allowed to enter or exit Lesotho and we are therefore unable to effect deliveries until negotiations have been successful. We will advise when the situation changes. (Image courtesy of

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Dawn Wing Rhino contributions

Dawn Wing contributing to the war against rhino poaching in South Africa (October 2013)


DPD Laser’s company Dawn Wing is contributing to field research that is at the frontline of efforts to curb the numbers of rhino’s being poached (618 of the iconic animals killed since the beginning of the year), as well as being one of the supporting sponsors of the Rhinose Day initiative. Read more…

Dawn Wing is setting an example as to how the support of big national companies can make a huge difference to campaigns such as these. Dawn Wing organised a VIP customers’ trip out on June 7 to have a “Rhino experience” in the Pilansberg National Park. By participating in a Rhino immobilisation, the group to be involved in a once in a lifetime event, which includes the insertion of microchips in the horns as well as the notching of the ears and DNA collection. The notching of their ears and DNA collection assists with this identification with regards to any poaching activities as well the conservation thereof through breeding programmes. Footing the bill for veterinary professionals, helicopters and pilots, researchers and field experts, Dawn Wing’s contribution to the plight of South Africa’s rhino’s is a substantial one.


Eddie Vosloo, CEO of Dawn Wing underlines the company’s action saying, “Dawn Wing is proud to be a partner to the Pilansberg Wildlife Trust and contributing to these very necessary activities. By participating, we get to experience a once in a lifetime event but also contribute to conservation and the furthered protection of these amazing creatures. We challenge companies to become involved and contribute to rhino conservation awareness, because it should be everyone’s business.”

Their primary project has seen Dawn Wing’s groundbreaking field research inserting chips into the horns of rhino’s, and taking their DNA samples, in the Pilansberg. The genetic integrity of the species is of utmost importance and to monitor this, Rhino’s need to be identified individually.

Steve Dell, a Field Ecologist from Pilanesberg National Park, said that “funds for rhino monitoring programmes, which is now linked to the DNA collection project, are very limited. Corporate sponsorships are the only way that we can continue with the notching programme for rhino monitoring. By involving themselves with these projects, the businesses and companies can really “feel” what a despicable crime rhino poaching is, as the loss of each and every rhino is a threat to our natural heritage. We would love to see other corporates get involved in the fight against rhino poaching in the same way that Dawn Wing has”.

By purchasing a stylized plastic Rhinose™ that can be mounted with cable ties onto the front of almost any car, funds will be channeled towards three non-profit conservation organisations, namely the Rhino Action Group Effort (RAGE), the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the Rhinose Foundation. Visit for more information and to stay updated on the fight against rhino poaching.

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