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Here are some useful packaging guidelines when sending parcels through the Dawn Wing network.

Dawn Wing strives to deliver all parcels with reliability, speed and care. Parcels are handled numerous times as they travel through our network so it is imperative that they are packaged appropriately to reduce damages and limit the number of unhappy recipients.

Packaging Guidelines:

Use strong external packaging

  • Strong cardboard box (avoid using second-hand boxes)
    If you are using a second-hand box, make sure to remove old labels and stickers
  • Plastic box or tubes
  • Wooden Crate

Flyer Bags for packaging

DPD Laser has three sizes of flyer bags: small, medium and large.

Small: for parcels with the maximum weight of 500g
Medium: for parcels with the maximum weight of 1kg
Large: for parcels with the maximum weight of 2kg

Flyer bags should always be used for smaller parcels in addition to high quality internal packaging for the items that are placed inside the bags.

Use good quality internal packaging

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cardboard to support items
  • Polystyrene chips or blocks

Use robust tape to seal the parcel

High quality tape that is strong and designed for industrial use works best. This will ensure that your parcel does not open whilst in transport.

Wrap each item in the parcel separately

Prevent the movement of items whilst they are in transport

It is important that items within parcels do not touch each other whilst in transport. This can be minimised by using high quality internal packaging such as; bubble wrapping of each item in the parcel, cardboard supports and polystyrene chips or blocks.

Do not join multiple boxes together

Make sure address details are clear and visible

In addition to the above guidelines, we have an interesting article on eCommerce packaging. You can read it here: The Importance of Packaging in eCommerce


Please note that these are generic packaging guidelines. If you would like to receive more product specific packaging guidlines please contact:

DPD Laser is not liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of insufficient or inappropriate packaging. The customer remains responsible for ensuring shipment packaging is adequate for transportation.

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