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Refund Policy

Refund Policy


As per the Standard Trading Conditions of Dawn Wing, a division of DPD Laser Express Logistics (Pty) Ltd:

Client” shall mean any party reflected on the Waybill or the credit application as the sender of the goods.

Waybill” shall mean Dawn Wing’s official Dispatch Note or Dispatch Sheet, or in the case of computerised dispatch sender systems, the Handover List, file transfer or computer disk containing the Client’s instructions.

Dawn Wing, in certain circumstances (as detailed below) and subject to certain limitations (as detailed below), will provide a credit or a refund of service fees paid by the customer in respect of a Dawn Wing shipment.

The circumstances in which a credit or refund will be considered are as follows:

  • Where a collection order is cancelled before Dawn Wing has attempted collection and where Dawn Wing has not incurred a cost from the carrier for the booking. (Please refer to Cancellation Policy)
  • If Dawn Wing arrives at the collection point and the Client does not tender goods for the collection order at the expected pick-up time, a credit/refund equivalent to 50% of the collection fee may be applied. (Please refer to Cancellation Policy)
  • Where a service is delayed, due to Dawn Wing’s gross negligence, to the extent that it cannot be rebooked to a comparable service to satisfy the intended purpose of the delivery. Please however take note of the following:
    • The refund is in respect of Dawn Wing’s service fees only and is exclusive of all other items, including, without limitation, fines and taxes.
    • The Client must notify Dawn Wing of any claim for late delivery, in writing or by telephone, within 14 calendar days of the shipment date providing Dawn Wing with the account number (if applicable), the Waybill number, the date of shipment and full delivery details. Dawn Wing will undertake to review the claim and respond within a reasonable time frame after the customer so notifies Dawn Wing by (i) providing the customer with the appropriate credit/refund; or (ii) providing the customer with information explaining the reason that the shipment is not eligible for the refund or (iii) provide the customer with evidence of timely delivery.
    • The refund will not apply where late delivery or failure to deliver is due to circumstances beyond Dawn Wing’s control which may include Customs delays, or inaccurate or incomplete shipment information, delivery instructions or information (such as P.O. Box for receiver address, missing or inaccurate receiver telephone number), or receivers request for delay or shipment diversion, or unavailability or refusal of the receiver to accept delivery or to pay duties and taxes against delivery if required to do so.
    • All other provisions of the Standard Trading Conditions of Dawn Wing apply and your attention is drawn to Clause 10 of these Conditions.
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